18 Websites That Can Save You Money This Summer

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Enjoy summer for less this year! Here are 18 sites can help save you money on everything the season has to offer, from movie tickets to bathing suits, rainy day craft supplies to hotel rooms.

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• Go to the movies for less (or for free) with GoFoBo.com and Fandango.com/FreeMovieTickets
Sign up at GoFoBo for invitations to advance screenings of not-yet-released films near you. On Fandango, earn rewards for completing special offers, making the money spent on those summer blockbusters go farther.
Sample savings: Complete one of these offers to get a free Fandango movie ticket; buy Despicable Me 2 tickets and get a free song download on iTunes.

• Keep track of sales at all your favorite stores with ShopItToMe.com/Threads
In need of a new bathing suit or summer sundress? Use Shop It To Me Threads to find sale items in your…

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50 Great Movies You Can (Legally) Watch for Free Right Now

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Every week, this site does its best to point you in the direction of movies worth your time that are streaming on Netflix, Hulu Plus, and the like. But what about those who aren’t ponying up the ten or 20 bucks a month for those services? Well, there’s an overabundance of free movies streaming at this very moment as well — many of them legally (it seems!), thanks our old friend “the public domain,” whereby films whose copyright has lapsed (or never existed in the first place) can be made available for public consumption. Others are hosted gratis by services that simply want to share the wealth of great cinema. Whatever the case, with an awareness of how much everyone loves free stuff, here are 50 free movies that are well worth a watch. Clear your schedule accordingly.

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#10 Wes Anderson movies



Originally posted on Stuff White People Like:

White people love Wes Anderson movies more than they love their kids. If a white guy takes a white girl to a Wes Anderson movie on their first date, and neither of them have seen it, they will immediately commence a relationship that is reflected in songs by Ryan Adams and Bright Eyes.

Wes Anderson movies have this way of being sort of funny and a little clever, so white people in the audience will laugh like crazy. Also, if they don’t get the joke and other white people start laughing, they’ll all join in. It’s pretty much the case that if one dude with glasses laughs, the entire theater will be in stitches within 15 seconds.

If you find yourself in a situation with a white person, and an awkard silence falls over you. Mention any of the movies below and you will have something to talk about, and…

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Goodbye, and Good Riddance, Candlestick

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Originally posted on CBS San Francisco:

COMMENTARY–Please forgive me if I don’t get too sentimental about the last event ever at Candlestick Park. (Paul McCartney Plays Candlestick One Final Time) Oh sure, there’ve been plenty of memorable moments in that old dump, but let me counterbalance all the nostalgia with a few not-so-warm memories:

First, a miserable, drizzly June day in 1984 when the Giants lost in 11 innings and I watched in horror as an upper-deck fan, venting his anger after the game, fell to his death.

Second, who-knows-how-many Arctic nights in what was Major League Baseball’s most notorious venue.

Third, the night a high-school-aged version of me got hauled into the police station in the bowels of the joint. I’m pretty sure the statute of limitations has expired on this, but I will acknowledge it wasn’t a bright idea to slip the lock on the door leading to the right-field pullout bleachers so we…

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Watch The LIVE STREAM of The One Direction Movie Premiere Right Here!

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One Direction is having a big week. They performed on the Today show last Friday, presented and won at the VMAs last night in Brooklyn, and today, they will attend their first-ever movie premiere for their 3D film, This Is Us in NYC. But if you’re not one of the Directioners who’s already been camped out for days outside the theater, you can instead watch the entire thing go down right here on OKMagazine.com.

Watch: One Direction’s Reaction to Miley Cyrus at the VMAs

Tune into the video above starting today at 5:30pm ET to see Zayn, Niall, Liam, Louis and yes, Harry Styles, who is probably still recovering from that Taylor Swift diss, walk the carpet at their premiere, and be sure to check out One Direction: This Is Uswhen it hits theaters this Friday, August 31!

Watch: Taylor Swift Disses Harry Styles at the VMAs—Twice!

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Ask Hackaday: What movies have the best/worst hacking scenes

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It’s time to do your best impression of [Comic Book Guy] as you make your case for trash or triumph in big screen hacking scenes. We watch a lot of movies, and it’s hard not to groan when the filmmakers cut corners by doing zero research into what using a computer actually looks like. But then once in a great while you have a team that does its due diligence and puts up a scene that makes sense to those of us in the know. So we’re wondering, what movies do you think have the best hacking scenes, and which ones are the worst offenders? Leave your opinion on the topic in the comments section.

We realize that you can come up with tons of poorly done ones, what we would really like to hear about is who did it right. We’ll get you started with a couple of examples…

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August 14th ” The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie” 8:15 pm(postponed from last Wednesday)

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“The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Movie”

directed by Chuck Jones and Phil Munroe

The 1979 movie is a collection of Warner Bros. short cartoon features starring Mel Blanc as the voices of Bugs Bunny, Daffy duck, Porky Pig, Marvin the Martian, Wile E. Coyote, Pepe Le Pew and Arthur Q.Bryan as Elmer Fudd.  The animations are interspersed by Bugs Bunny reminiscing on past events

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