47 Ronin

47Keanu Reeves another hit movie followed by Sylvester Stallone and Robert de Niro’s GrudgeMatch. He is such a respectful and submissive actor. In this movie, which is a mystical fantasy type of samurai as a medium, and his co-actors were Japanese, he felt an act of struggle. The story is based on an honor and revenge history of Japanese. Seeing him act with his co-actors Kou Shibasaki, Tadanobu Asano, Jin Akanishi, Hiroyuki Sanada and Rinko Kikuchi are interesting where they had a hell-like English language on their scripts. I could see some dubbed dialogues, but it is not very obvious, very good actors and directors can do the cheating to make a scenario more realistic.

Reeves as Kai plays a rejected half-British and half-Japanese persona, the way to potion joining of an exhausting love story with Shibasaki. The computer generated wolf that is a mysterious beast and has a Matrix-like powers is also a thing based on some movies like the Pacific Rim.

47 roninDirector Carl Rinsch made it a hit movie for 2 hours and 7 minutes as I calculated. I can say it is all packed genres of movie, drama, Science and fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure. Well, this movie is a PG-13 one so teens guardians are needed because of the scary samurai used for suicides, bloody scenes and creepy effects and swordplay. The movie is so interesting as a whole. The fantasy elements and deference use of materials in every scene made 47 Ronin really a remarkable one. The ideas are based mostly on the 18th century Japan tales. The act of retelling a story or the legend itself, different aspects of the movie is well highlighted. I remembered the movie Cushingura known back in the year 1962 by Hiroshi Inagaki, which also amazed my eyes with fantasy, history and action.


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