Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and, er, The Hulk appear in amazing new Nike advert

Nice commercials, epic


Nike is getting on the World Cup action with a seriously slick advert featuring some familiar faces.

The ad, called Winner Stays, sees a group of boys transform into professional players during a ‘winner stays on’ style match.

Neymar Jr, Gerard Pique, David Luiz and Eden Hazard are just some of the famous footballing faces that pop up.

Basketball player Kobe Bryant appears in the advert briefly, chatting to David Luiz in the audience; while Ronaldo’s girlfriend Irina Shayk also makes a cameo.

Things really get interesting when the keeper, attempting to save a goal, morphs into The Hulk in all his green glory.

Nike describe the advert as follows: ‘In this game of winner stays, every touch of the ball proves that football will always belong to those who Risk Everything, even when it matters the most.’

Winner Stays is reminiscent of Nike’s World Cup ad campaign Write The Future…

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