How Dark Souls II introduced me to online gaming – Reader’s Feature


Dark Souls II - it's better with a friend Dark Souls II – it’s better with a friend

A reader who has previously always played offline explains why Dark Souls II has finally made him appreciate online gaming.

I have had something of an epiphany. I had been a very big proponent of not playing online games ever. My previous experience of online gaming was admittedly limited. Several years ago, I played one of the online shooters (Call Of Duty or Battlefield I’m sure) for a few hours round a friend’s house and found it a thoroughly unpleasant experience. Both the gameplay (getting shot before moving after spawning, people hopping around the map, camping, etc.) and more than that, the childish and insulting chatter over the headset.

My next experience was to watch a couple of friends devote a period of their lives to World Of Warcraft. Again, it did not appeal. The sheer level of commitment required (not…

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