Son of God Is First in a Flood of Religious Movies

I have watched Noah and it was a descent adaptation. The other two religious movies may have the potential as their actors and directors are known to create good films.


Son of God, which opens this weekend and stars Portuguese actor Diogo Morgado as Jesus, is just the first in a barrage of religious films coming out in 2014, the Los Angeles Times notes .

The Jesus biopic, compiled from the History Channel miniseries The Bible, came out to lukewarm reviews. But if Son leaves you cold, perhaps a little Russell Crowe or Christian Bale will help you find religion on the big screen, as both are starring in religious-themed movies of their own.

Here are three other religion-themed movies coming to a theater near you:

  • Noah, the story of the flood starring Russell Crowe as the title character. Opening March 28
  • Heaven Is for Real, from Braveheart director Randall Wallace, is a Christian film about a four-year-old boy who experiences heaven during a surgery. Opening April 16
  • Exodus, in which Christian Bale will…

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