You’re Next (2013)

You’re Next” is a traditional, promising and mixture of memorable classic 80’s slasher movie setting and a current brutal home murder concept. Another great review of this film is go and see.

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8/10 Animal Houses

More of this, please.

You’re Next is about an Australian gal who drives out to the country for her boyfriend’s family reunion. Everyone’s there and, as expected, no one’s getting along. They try to play nice for the sake of their parents, but things come to a head during the first family dinner. Brothers are yelling, parents are upset and one of the new boyfriends gets an arrow between his eyes. Once everyone realizes that Tariq’s been assassinated, it puts things into perspective right quick. Panic sets in and they batten down the hatches, but as this family tree gets shorter and shorter, this charming girl from a land down under becomes their best hope for survival.

First, it was The Strangers. Then, it was The Purge. Going off that synopsis, it might not sound like You’re Next is doing much to distance itself…

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5 Movie Heroes Who Are Actually Jerks

It’s funny how these movies really hit the box office. I guess they are great in making these actors look good. See some of these films at

Some Offense Intended

Last night my roommate and I finally sat down to watch Conan The Barbarian after about a month of talking about it. It had been years since I’ve seen it and  I was a little fuzzy on the details especially the virtues of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character. Beyond brute forcehe had none. Within the first half hour I’d realized that I had completely misinterpreted Conan as a kid. The guy is an asshole.

That got me thinking, what other pricks have managed to slash, gash and one liner themselves to hero worship? I’m not talking anti-heroes here. I’m talking about the guys you’re supposed to be able to get behind and route for without questioning their ethical reasoning. I’m talking about the protagonists that have been presented to us as the “good guy” in spite of their questionable morals and generally dickish attitudes. This list is what I came up with.


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47 Ronin

47Keanu Reeves another hit movie followed by Sylvester Stallone and Robert de Niro’s GrudgeMatch. He is such a respectful and submissive actor. In this movie, which is a mystical fantasy type of samurai as a medium, and his co-actors were Japanese, he felt an act of struggle. The story is based on an honor and revenge history of Japanese. Seeing him act with his co-actors Kou Shibasaki, Tadanobu Asano, Jin Akanishi, Hiroyuki Sanada and Rinko Kikuchi are interesting where they had a hell-like English language on their scripts. I could see some dubbed dialogues, but it is not very obvious, very good actors and directors can do the cheating to make a scenario more realistic.

Reeves as Kai plays a rejected half-British and half-Japanese persona, the way to potion joining of an exhausting love story with Shibasaki. The computer generated wolf that is a mysterious beast and has a Matrix-like powers is also a thing based on some movies like the Pacific Rim.

47 roninDirector Carl Rinsch made it a hit movie for 2 hours and 7 minutes as I calculated. I can say it is all packed genres of movie, drama, Science and fiction, Fantasy, Action and Adventure. Well, this movie is a PG-13 one so teens guardians are needed because of the scary samurai used for suicides, bloody scenes and creepy effects and swordplay. The movie is so interesting as a whole. The fantasy elements and deference use of materials in every scene made 47 Ronin really a remarkable one. The ideas are based mostly on the 18th century Japan tales. The act of retelling a story or the legend itself, different aspects of the movie is well highlighted. I remembered the movie Cushingura known back in the year 1962 by Hiroshi Inagaki, which also amazed my eyes with fantasy, history and action.